Eco-Friendly Fishing Tips

Fishing, just like any outdoor activity, has its environmental risks. Overfishing can lead to an imbalance in the ecosystem, while some fishing gear or bait can pollute the water. We can only fish if there are healthy ecosystems to fish in. As a result, we anglers need to use eco-friendly fishing practices to keep our rivers and oceans healthy.

Use sustainable fishing gearEco-Friendly Fishing Tips

Before you head out onto the water, check to see what you’re bringing with you. Some fishing gear can actually pollute our waters. Plastic lures, for instance, can contribute to an already growing problem of plastic pollution in our waters. Additionally, lead fishing weights can poison fish, leading to physical and behavioral changes. The next time you stock up on fishing gear, then, look for sustainable, biodegradable alternatives.

Catch and release

There is such a thing as fishing too much. Overfishing is one of the most serious environmental problems that fishing can cause. While it is often associated with large businesses and corporations, individual anglers can have an effect as well. To avoid depopulation, use the catch and release method while you’re out on the water.

Be careful with your bait

Most types of fishing bait aren’t native to the waters you’re fishing in. As a result, they can disrupt the ecosystem, wreaking havoc on the local food chain. To keep everything in balance, use only the bait you need and then properly dispose of any leftovers.

Row your boat

Motorized fishing boats are one of the biggest sources of carbon emissions. Not only that, but their noise can also disrupt local wildlife. If possible, use a canoe or rowboat instead of a motorboat. If you do use a motorboat, install special boat propellers to increase fuel efficiency, and always be aware of local guidelines about using it in certain habitats.

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