The Top 3 Fishing Apps to Catch More Fish

“There’s an app for that,” people always say. Well, more likely than not, it happens to be true. Practically every part of our lives has an app associated with it, fishing included. In fact, there are hundreds of fishing apps out there, but which ones will truly help you catch more fish and which ones just say they will? Here we go through some of the best fishing apps out there that are proven to help you improve your game:

Fishbrain (Android, iOS: Free)The Top 3 Fishing Apps to Catch More Fish

Fishbrain is a social fishing app that allows you to share your fishing activity, photos, and locations with millions of other users. However, it’s not just for social networking. You can use the locations people share to find new places to fish, as well as their activity to figure where the fish are. Additionally, it also provides a forecast, calendar, and personal fishing log to keep track of your activity. While the app is free, there’s also a premium version that starts at $5.99/month.

Pro Angler (Android, iOS: Free)

While Fishbrain is good for freshwater and saltwater, Pro Angler is aimed towards saltwater anglers only. However, it provides a wealth of information and resources, including more than 15,000 GPS fishing hotspots, radar weather maps, a saltwater species guide, and a list of all federal and state regulations. Similar to Fishbrain, it’s free to download, but it does have a premium version with additional features such as a digital wallet to store documents.

Fishidy (Android, iOS: Free)

Finally, there’s Fishidy. This app provides you with maps to over 17,000 waterways where you can favorite specific sites and log your catches. It also lets you share these sites and catches with other users, providing them with additional information and when and where to find certain species. Again, this app is free to download, but it does have a premium subscription that offers more detailed maps and fishing tips.

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