Why You Should Give Deep Sea Fishing a Try

Two fishing poles sit in position on a boat far off the coastFishing is a relaxing recreational activity that nonetheless requires a fair amount of skill, experience and discipline. It also comes if many different forms from fly fishing to ice fishing in bodies of water as small as backyard ponds and as large as an ocean. So, if you’ve spent your life fishing close to the shore or in shallow water, perhaps it’s time to expand your horizons

Deep sea fishing takes place far away from the shore where the water is roughly 100 feet deep or more. It offers quite a different experience than any other style of fishing you’re used to. Here are some reasons to give it a shot:

The Remote Nature of It

The shore of most major bodies of water tends to be pretty crowded. People swim and hang out at the beach in addition to all the other fishers competing for a limited supply of potential catches. But the further out you go, the more space you have to yourself. Things quiet down quite a bit so you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the open water without much of a distraction.

The Variety of Fish

Sure, you can find peace and quiet at your local pond or small lake, but can you find a wide variety of large fish? Probably not. The ocean will offer you the largest species of fish as well as the widest variety. But you have to get away from the shore and go deep down to find all of them. When fishing off the northern Atlantic coast of the United States, this is where you’ll catch such prizes as stripers, blues, cod, haddock, football tuna and even sharks. You can’t do that in your backyard.

Challenge Yourself

If you’ve spent enough time fishing in small bodies of water or close to the shore, you may have mastered most of the necessary skills and thus could use a new challenge. Compared to other styles of fishing, the deep sea variety requires patience, skill and a good amount of physical strength, due to the larger size of the fish. A successful trip will require more out of you than you’re used to giving.

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