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Why It’s Time to Take that Fishing Trip in 2023

Father and son fishing together

Every angler dreams of going on the perfect fishing trip. Those who have been lucky enough to take a trip can’t wait for the next one while those who haven’t had the pleasure wait in anticipation for their first one. Whether you’ve been on a fishing trip yet or not, 2023 is the perfect year… Read more »

The Benefits of Fishing with Your Kids

An illustration of two kids fishing in a small boat

If you’re a longtime angler and also a parent, you’ve probably dreamed of taking your kids out on the water since just about the time they were born. Of course, it’s hard to know when the time is right to bring them out for their first trip. Obviously, you can’t start too young as they… Read more »

How to Get Your Kids Interested in Fishing

two kids holding up fish while fishing in portland me

Relaxing yet challenging, fishing is a great hobby to have. But with many things, starting a new hobby is easiest when you’re young. You may remember how your parents took you out for your first fishing trip, but what about your own kids? How do you instill in them the same love of fishing that… Read more »

How to Prepare for Your Family Fishing Trip

Summer is a great time to go out fishing with your family. But before you pack the spouse and kids into the car, make sure that you’re well-prepared with these family fishing trip tips: Timing is everything The day and time you go will truly determine how well of a trip this turns out to… Read more »