Advantages of Using a Lighter Fishing Rod

Illustrated Fishing RodWhen you’re in a fishing slump or rut, sometimes a change of equipment is necessary in order to help you get back on the right track. For example, maybe the rod you’re using isn’t the right one for you. If you’re using too heavy of a rod, it could be weighing you down.

Using a lighter fishing rod comes offers a few advantages that could lead to you having more successful outings. Here are just a few of the reasons:


Perhaps the most important benefit of using a lightweight rod is the improved accuracy you’ll see without having to sacrifice casting distance. Your new rod will be able to cast just as far as your older, heavier one, but it will be significantly more valuable with shorter casts. Unlike you heavier rod and line, it won’t have trouble with shallower rivers where the current isn’t swift. Instead, you can use a lighter line to settle directly on the water in exactly the spot you desire.

Variety of Fish

Using a light rod and line means you’ll also be able to use lighter bait, lures and jigs. These will enhance your ability to catch smaller fish in addition to the large ones. Additionally, they’ll allow you to do well in both shallow waters near the shore or in any other body of water. Large fish have been known to bite on lighter lures, which will give you the fun opportunity to reel one in on a lighter rod, an experience many anglers enjoy.

Easier on You

A lighter rod means lighter parts and a lighter line, necessarily making it easy to transport. Depending on what kind of fishing you’re doing, you could be carrying that rod for a good distance. Any energy you expend hauling a heavy rod is energy you cannot use for fishing. In certain situations, a lighter rod will make for an easier day.

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