Three Essential Shark Fishing Tips

Maine Shark Fishing CharterWhether you’re a shark fishing newbie or just need a refresher, check out our essential shark fishing tips:

Know what to look for

Learn to spot signs that a shark might be in the area. For example, if birds that have been sitting on the water suddenly take flight, they might be trying to escape a shark. The same goes for bluefish—if bluefish that have been hanging out in the slick suddenly vanish, there’s probably a shark nearby. Other signs include disturbances or changes in the surface waters.

Use proper technique

Use a chum line to bring sharks near the boat. If a shark takes the bait, wait five to 10 seconds. Then, reel the line tightly and tug firmly once or twice to set the hook. Pull strongly, since you’re trying to penetrate the shark’s thick, tough jaw. Before you pull the shark onboard, remove all items from the landing area, and keep the shark away from the boat’s motors.

Use common sense

Congratulations! You’ve caught a shark. Now, no matter what, keep your fingers away from the shark’s mouth. Even a small twitch from the shark can cause injury.

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