Tips for Fishing in the Fall

A man fishes in a canoe during the fallNow that we’re in the midst of autumn, the temperatures have begun to cool, and most people are spending less time out on the water. But that doesn’t mean fishing is done for the year. In fact, there is still a lot of good fishing left to do this season.

But preparing to fish for the fall is different than other seasons. With the cooler temperatures, there are additional considerations to be made. And that goes beyond just dressing warmer. Here are a few tips for fishing in the fall:

Pick the Right Time

On the hottest summer days, it’s prudent to get out on the water as early as possible before it gets too hot and fish are less willing to swim to the surface. The advice is essentially the opposite in the autumn. Around noon, the sun starts to really heat up the cool water closest to the surface, making fish more comfortable to swim up there. Of course, this makes them easier to catch as well. If you’re planning a fall fishing outing, aim for the late afternoon and try to pick a day that isn’t too cold, if at all possible.

Use More Bait

As the temperatures get colder, fish aren’t likely to expend more energy swimming up to eat just a small amount of bait. Increasing the size of your offering incentivizes the fish to come up to get the bait. They’re far more likely to use the energy if they full they’ll be getting a full meal out of it.

Consider Depth

As stated above, fish will react to the changes in temperature. Many of them will avoid the surface and the cold temperature while others will just search for favorable conditions. You may find a lot of fish in areas where there is easy access to both shallow and deep water, such as channel edges.

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